That weirdo that craves change…

Change makes my world go round…I’m constantly making changes. Even as a child I never did anything for a long period of time. I did ballet, gymnastics, artsy stuff, softball, tap…I Love to change things up, and try out everything…so, now Whether it’s changing my hair color chopping off my hair, moving, making new friends, changing jobs…I need change in my life to keep going. It motivates me! 

Changing my hair is BIG for me. I’ll grow it long then chop it off, or dye it black, red, then go platinum blonde. Each time I change anything it’s because I started a new chapter in my life…Or I just get bored with it, and need something different.


Soooo what’s next for me who knows we shall see…Do you make frequent changes in your life? Are you indecisive? Are you spontaneous? What kind of person are you? Many people don’t know why they do the things they do…I can help you figure it out. Embrace positive change it helps us grow as individuals, & makes life interesting, & exciting.

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