Do you leave it behind? Or take it with you??? 

Everyday you leave your home and go to work, school…go somewhere, or do something. Throughout your day you make contact with people, energies, problems, uncomfortable situations, encounter extreme emotions…..what do you hold on to???

Do you keep it all? Do you need to talk to people about it? Do you let it effect your evening? Pay attention to your actions.

I soak up the energies of many people daily…I’m human. I can’t hold on to it…it’ll only hurt me. I can’t share it…I value my clients, and job too much. 

I choose to sit alone nightly outside. Feel the summer breeze, taste the sweetness of my wine or chocolate, listen to music that touches my soul. I talk to the open sky through my heart…& Let it all go…

Everyone has their own methods, and process. Mine is nature and music. I choose positivity. What’s yours? 

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